Melatonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland and is most commonly associated with sleep. It actually causes drowsiness and lowers your body temperature when it is time to go to bed. It gradually rises during the night with a peak at 2:00-3:00am. B vitamins are essential building blocks for melatonin. So if you […]

Toxic Chemicals in my Lotion?!!!

Hormone balancing can be more difficult to achieve with some patients for a variety of reasons. Lifestyle, adrenal function and even the chemicals introduced into our body can interfere with progress. There are several chemicals that are actually toxic to our body and are known to interfere with our body’s hormone system. These chemicals could […]

The Facts About Heart Health

Most people think of February and think of Valentine’s Day (except those of us in Northeast Ohio who think snow and cold!). In the medical community, we also think of the heart…but the actual organ. Cardiovascular disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women, causing one out of three deaths each year. Statistics show that […]


As we enter into the cold and flu season, and especially since Akron just narrowly missed an Ebola outbreak, I felt compelled to write about probiotics this month. Probiotics are known for helping gastrointestinal issues. Having the normal amount of bacteria in your intestines can not only help digestion, bowel motility and nutrient absorption, but […]

Can You Blame Your Breast Cancer on Your Parents?

According to the latest statistics, one in eight women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer in their lives. The diagnosis of breast cancer affects many aspects of a woman’s life (health, self-esteem, lost work, family dynamics, etc.). Because of this, most women fear it more than any other disease process. About 5 to 10% […]