5-Day Fasting Week

May 10-14, 2021

Are You Ready To Jumpstart Your Metabolism...

and get to feeling Energized and Vibrant!

If you are ready to support cellular rejuvenation, optimize your wellness, and connect with a community of others committed to regaining their vitality then join our 5-day Fast today to Get Revitalized!

Tap into the power of fasting to promote longevity and rebalancing of core metabolic processes that lead to optimal weight, cardiovascular health, and a healthy immune response

When you are suffering from metabolic dysfunction you can experience a host of symptoms from difficulty losing weight, fatigue, brain-fog, chronic pain, and the list goes on and on. The secret to putting those symptoms behind you is tapping into the power of autophagy and cellular rejuvenation.  

Fasting activates autophagy and clearing of cellular debris

This is allows your body the time and energy to do a little 'house cleaning'.  We all know how good it feels to have a clean house.  Our bodies are the same, when we get rid of damaged tissue our bodies can focus on building and maintaining strong healthy tissues.  The benefits of a 5-day fast go beyond those five days as your body becomes more efficient at keeping you healthy. 

I have seen this with countless of my patients and myself… and this is why we are offering this 5-day fasting program... to give you support to Get Revitalized!

what you get

Here’s what you’ll get in Revitalize 5-Day Fasting Program!

We have two options plus a VIP Upgrade to delve deeper with us on gaining an understanding of core metabolic markers such as a CBC, CMP, and more.



Complete 5-day menu plan and shopping list. 


Pre-Call May 2nd

Access to private facebook group, video replays in academy until May 31, 2021

(Most of the foods can be bought at local health stores and even most grocery stores and require little to no prepping. This can easily be adapted to different dietary needs.)



Note you will need either the DIY or the Prolon kit to do the actual 'fast'

  • Private Zoom Link to Live Q&A on understanding your CBC, CMP, and other metabolic markers
  • Private Coaching Call with Health Coach
  • Lifetime access video replays in Academy
  • Cardiometabolic Module in Revitalize Academy
  • Fasting Module in Revitalize Academy
  • Transition Cook Book 
  • Discount on InBody Assessments ($10 ea) up to two assessments


5-day meal kit that has all of the food you need for the 5 days along with a menu plan of what to eat each day. 

Pre-Call May 2nd

Access to private facebook group, video replays in academy until May 31, 2021

There are several flavors to choose from ((Original, No-Nightshades, and New Flavors)  you can order your kit by either :

preordering to PICK UP at our Akron Location by contacting us at:  855-829-8315


Order to have it shipped directly to you. 

NOTE Deadline to order for pickup is April 28th and if you want a No-Nightshade kit shipped you will need to contact us.

Use code BOOT CAMP or BOOTCAMP to get discounted pricing

Here’s what people are saying about our past challenges:

Thank you for helping

me on my journey!

You all helped make a positive change in one way or another in this journey to better health and wellness and ultimately a better life for me and my family!

It was a very

inspiring experience!

I am so glad that I participated in this challenge. It was a very inspiring experience for me and one which I would never have undertaken on my own. I lost 3 pounds, had no heart burn at night, which is sometimes an issue for me, and overall felt healthier and more energetic.

This virtual reboot

was great!

Thank you all for the excellent presentations, for the recipes, for sharing the knowledge you have gathered over the years and for being so supportive

I get it!

You’ve tried many things to get yourself back into balance, been for your check up and follow traditional health advice.… and yet you’re constantly feeling tired, “puffy”, irritable and fatigued – while you see other women thrive in their careers, enjoy their family and have a blast during their “girl’s night out”.  That is why I created this boot camp to help you experience life to the fullest!

Join Revitalize 5-Day Fast and Get Revitalized!

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