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Interested in Getting Your Health Score to Assess Your Health?

Your Next Steps

You are invited to answer some questions about how you’re currently feeling to get a glimpse of your health status. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a Health Score, which will indicate how your health looks right now.

After getting your score you are invited to book a call to discuss how we can help you improve your score and revitalize your health!

step 1

It is advised that you complete this using a laptop or desktop computer. You may run into problems with the site if you use a device such as your smart phone or tablet to complete this screening questionnaire.

step 2

Complete the questions as thoroughly as you can and click ‘Submit’. 

Once you click Submit, you cannot change any answers.

step 3

Schedule a free discovery call to discuss your results with one of the providers on our team.

Please keep in mind the following strict policy that I follow:

  • This is a completely free service whether you book an appointment with Revitalize or not
  • This is used solely as a tool to understand your current health and see where you can go from there
  • We do not send spam emails
  • We respect your privacy and do not sell any email addresses


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